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Mercedes-Benz S400

2009-10, 3500cm³, 205 kW
Price with VAT:16500 EUR
Price without VAT:16500 EUR
  Panevėžys, Quantity of doors: 4/5, Automat, Black, ABS, System of gauges of distance, The autopilot, Onboard computer, CD a player, CD a relief, The central lock, Multipurpose rudder, Electroadjustable position of a rudder, Electroadjustable mirrors, Electroadjustable sitting, Electronic the control of a climate, Telephone installation, The gauge of external temperature, The gauge of a rain, Cast disks, Furnish by a tree, Navigation, Leather interior, The conditioner of air, Airbag, Washer of headlights, The service book, Adjustable position of a rudder, Antifog headlights, The signalling, The hatch, The booster of a rudder, Loudspeaker of low frequencies, Headlights "Xenon", Warmed mirrors  

Porsche 911

2006-12, 366cm³, 480 AG
Price with VAT:59000 EUR
Price without VAT:59000 EUR
  Panevėžys, Quantity of doors: 2/3, Automat, Red,  

Porsche Boxster

2005-09, 3400cm³
Price with VAT:22000 EUR
Price without VAT:22000 EUR
  Panevėžys, Quantity of doors: 2/3, Automat, Yellow,